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The Childrens Bread


Sniff, sniff!  Can’t you just smell this last post of our feature article.


Part Three of this food for thought is warm in the BreadBox right now,  just for you.  Don’t let it cool off, it is best consumed immediately!

Dont forget to check out another feature, “HIGH FOOLISHNESS SEASON,” offering insights into the ways we dangerously expose our children to the wiles of Satan.

As always we appreciate your readership and support.

God’s blessings!


This post contains Part II of last week’s feature in the BreadBox, “Successful Mediocrity or Excellence of Achievement.”  We site several biblical instances of obedience and heroism by the servants of God, and disobedience and cowardice from other servants.

Next week, Part III will conclude this feature article.  After that, we will offer a few comments on the “High Foolishness Season” which threatens to engulf us once again.

Stay tuned!




We’ve entered the last quarter of the year and things are moving quickly.  As we prepare for our end of year evaluations and proclamations for the future, let us ponder our courses.  “Successful Mediocrity” or “Excellence of Achievement?” is this month’s feature in THE BREADBOX.  For which shall we prepare ourselves?  For some, this means different, more mature ways of handling life.  For others, it means coming out of those fears that keep us boxed in and afraid of change.

This month’s feature is in two parts.  PART I is warm and in THE BREADBOX for you right now!  PART II will appear later this month.  Later this month we will also comment on the common practices of Satanism that many of us ignorantly sacrifice our children to appease.

We also offer a Blessed “Thank You!” to Sharon for her enlightening feature last month “You Shall Have What You Say.”  It is still fresh in THE BREADBOX, just behind this month’s feature.  Have a bite, you will love it!

Congratulations! to our daughter, Aimee, who has accepted a promotion within her company.  She and her family are moving to Pennsylvania to begin the next phase of their lives.  God Bless!

Happy Birthday to Sister Gloria!

Happy Birthday to ‘The Man!” our son Jamaal.