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“MY TESTIMONY: OUR JOURNEY TO AND THROUGH GOD’S HEALING,”   by Ronnie and Sharon Stricklin, is now on sale through 24 December 2012!  Regularly priced at $5.99, our ebook is available for $2.99 at

Use coupon code KC57U to receive your discount and read the amazing story of how God brought us back from multiple attacks on health including two cancer diagnoses, kidney failure and other debilitating illnesses to proclaim His glory.

Although there was no trip to heaven as many popular and engrossing true story books recount these days, it was close enough for us to know that God is real, good, and His mercy endures forever.  The cover is just a hint of what is inside.  Every purchaser we’ve spoken with has indicated that once they started reading, they “could not put it down!”

Our ebook is still available at all ebook retailers (except Amazon, still in negotiations with our distributor) at the regular price of $5.99, but why pay the full price when you can get it at for three dollars less for the next month?  Additionally, when you purchase from, you own multiple versions just right for your e-reader, Android, I-Pad, I-Phone, pc, Kindle, pdf, and many other formats.  No one else does it like this!

This price, $2.99, and coupon code-KC57U-expires 24 December 2012, don’t delay!

Don’t forget to check back next week for a new posting on the “Childrens Bread.”





The next couple of months will provide you a couple of new posts.  For one there is a new page, “Health Research on Natural Foods.”  Here, we’ve identified a few natural supplements that have proven scientific research on alternatives to the myriad of prescription drugs that bombard our consciousness.

A dear friend of ours was interested in supplementing as he faces recovery from a cancer similar to one that God defeated in me.  God is in control, yes, but there is an expectation that we do more than sit on our hands, or stand with our arms folded, and wait for Him to act.  If you take one step, He will take two.  Taking charge of the bodies He gave us is one way to demonstrate to Him that we value His help.

Here is the link to the new page, check it out!