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JOHN 6:35

Childrens Bread Ministries (CBM) is a non-profit organization teaching the Gospel of Grace and Reconciliation and supporting those seeking the truth in God’s Word. CBM teaches and preaches, hosts public discussions, information sessions on health and nutritional advocacy and diverse forms of “edutainment” and mentors individuals who want to grow spiritually in the Kingdom of God.


CBM’s mission is to teach the Gospel of Grace and Reconciliation through faith—the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ who became our sin that we would become His righteousness—the Great Exchange!


  • To reach the unsaved, the faltering, the confused and those shackled by fear and lack of faith

  • To value peace gained through spiritual transformation from dependence on the flesh to dependence on the Holy Spirit

  • To move beyond the finite reality of this world to the infinite possibilities of Gods’ Grace

We believe that faith is the path to Grace and Reconciliation of God and man and that we are recipients of God’s unmerited favor and super-abounding grace. Our strengths include Biblical training, knowledge and understanding; compassion and strong faith and perseverance. We also understand our challenge is inherent in our limited human and material resources.

Our supporters value the changed/enhanced lives of loved ones and family and increase in the Kingdom harvest. Our strengths and competencies match the needs, wants and aspirations in that we help build support for those we serve and who support us.

CBM produces results including, but not limited to,

  • Changed/empowered lives

  • Action oriented doers of God’s Word

  • Increased Kingdom workers

CBM recognizes its challenge to maintaining a stable tax-based support (IRS 501 c 3 status,) an increasingly diverse community with wider gaps in income, media focused on entertainment and less on information, and a population accustomed to accessing information instantly through technology.

Our plan recognizes these challenges and remains focused on four objectives:

Improving Kingdom of God information dissemination

Strengthening support,

Increasing public visibility and,

Developing and maintaining a secure budget,

As our served population and environment changes this plan will be revisited and changed to reflect new challenges and opportunities.

Past, Present and Planned Activities

Blog –, by Evangelists Ronnie and Sharon Stricklin. Published monthly with additional posting as necessary. All information is automatically published on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social media sites. The features and articles further the purposes of CBM in the message of the Gospel of Grace and Reconciliation between God and man.

 Publishing – “My Testimony: Our Journey To and Through God’s Healing,” an e-book published at Smashwords;, October 2011 by Evangelists Ronnie and Sharon Stricklin. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how God saved us to engage this ministry.

 Ministry –Evangelists Ronnie and Sharon minister God’s Word in sermons, to individuals in the workplace, health clinics, public venues and other places a person is willing to discuss a personal relationship with God. This ministry has been in place since 2010 and tax-exempt since 2012. It helps further our purpose by creating more avenues for the message of Reconciliation.

Edutainment” – We use music and cultural expression to further promote the message of reconciliation and salvation. Local, regional, national and international artists and message bringers are engaged to educate/teach on God’s Word, utilizing “entertainment” as a platform.

Faith Ministries AllianceMembership, Forest Park, IL.  Ministry Prayer Covering.  Dr. Bill Winston, Founder and Pastor, Living Word Christian Center and Bill Winston Ministries, Presiding.  Minister Tammy Sykes, Administrator.

Grace and Education Materials Marketing – The development and sale of materials related to the message of salvation and reconciliation, along with “Strategic Thinking and Planning for Faith Organizations” instruction are additional activities.



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