This is a special feature “Health Research on Natural Foods 2011-2012.” It is a sampling of information on the types of supplements that scientific research is finding helpful for persons who want a better quality of life.

I first became aware of these supplements after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma-cancer of the lymph-nodes. My sister Gloria is a 30 year nurse practioner who became aware of the value of these supplements and gave me the word after I was diagnosed.

I questioned my doctors and found them (the majority of them STILL are) skeptical. Despite their pooh-poohs, I decided to try this path in addition to the desire to make it worth the while for God to have kept me alive when the doctors believed that I had no chance to survive, by proclaiming His Glory in saving me. (See excerpts of our e-book, “My Testimony: Our Journey To And Through God’s Healing” located elsewhere on this web-site.)

I take EVERY ONE of these supplements daily, some twice a day. I started going back to doctors for regularly scheduled physical and body scans to monitor my progress every 3 months. I now go back every 6 months. A question that pops up with my health professionals is “(Why) are you so healthy?”  Everything they want to give me can/will kill you if you take it long enough. The supplements keep me in a VERY desirable quality of health-life.

Except for a bout with undetected prostrate cancer. I was only getting digital exams, no one bothered with the prostrate specific antigen test-PSA, until I changed primary doctors and he demanded a complete physical work-up and complete lab test regime. “We’ve done too much to keep you alive to let you go unattended now,” was his response to my question “Why?” He found the new, overlooked cancer (PSA of 7 instead of under 4 as it should be.)

He also found high triglycerides and educated me that this is the real problem of “high cholesterol.”

To my great surprise, he told me to work my way up to 4,000 mg daily of Omega 3 fatty acid from either fish or flax seed oil. I could not believe my ears! A doctor who recommends natural food supplements where appropriate. (Sharon, my wife, recently convinced her primary to delay the statin drugs the doctor wanted for her in favor of a few months of Omega 3.)  2017 UPDATES BELOW!

That doctor, as all of my doctors before the one above, does not support natural food supplements. Also like those other doctors, this doctor HAS NOT DONE ANY RESEARCH ON natural foods supplements!! Now I know why. The state and federal governments, medical, pharmecuedical, insurance, and the so-called “cure for” this or that industries are “partners in crime.”

THINK! If they cure anything, how will they continue to rake in billions and billions of dollars as they have over the last 20-30 years? Here is a doctor who won numerous lawsuits  against the “partners in crime” above for attempting to discredit him while simultaneously stealing and corrupting his research. He has proved to eliminate all signs of cancer in many patients given up for dead by the medical industry. Of course he is called quack and other unflattering terms by detractors. Try listening to his patients-they don’t think he is a quack. If you’ve ever lost a loved one to cancer, you just might be appalled by what you will learn.

Doctors receive money, status, promotions, favorable placements in journals and speaking engagements and other benefits for promoting and prescribing certain drugs by certain drug companies.

When you visit the doctor occasionally they “give” you “free” samples of drugs. Use your mind and think about the street corner drug dealer who lets you “sample” their “product” because they know you will return to buy the drug.

There is no difference. If the street dealers pay the right people, they don’t get problems with the law. The only difference is that the medical, et. al., industries does this to you legally. And they get to “push” their life destroying (in the long term) drugs to you on television so you will ask your doctor for them. If you listen carefully, you will hear them tell you how deadly that junk is to our health.

Like the street dealers, these industries “pay to play” with massive contributions to the political coffers of your federal elected and appointed “officials” and to lobbyists who help spread the $$ influence in the right political circles.

Do your own research on the web, libraries, college libraries, etc. on any/all health supplements. With enough investigation, you will find good (and bogus) information. You will also gain discernment to make sound decisions, or at least ask intellegent questions of your health professionals. Don’t be intimidated by their responses. Remember, you are basically asking them to forgo money and perks in favor of really doing what health professionals should do-work with patients to help you improve the quality of your life!

These aren’t the only useful supplements and all prescription drugs are not bad for you. Many are vital. Just don’t be hoodwinked into legal drug dependency when there are natural supplements, all food based, that do as well or better and withouth the harmful side effects.

Here are a couple I take as a two-time God-given survivor of cancer, of end stage renal disease, of gall bladder removal, of neurapathy, of deep vein thrombosis, of neutropenic fever, of persistent respiratory distress and other “dis-ease.”  Yes, there are a couple prescription drugs that I take.  When/if I can find scientifically proven natural alternatives, I will take them instead.

Every day, I look in the mirror and tell myself that “I am healed. By the grace of God, I am healed!  And, I thank you Father. In the mighty name of Yeshua na Messiah, Jesus (Salvation) Christ (God’s Anointed One,) Amen.” Want to live well? Try Him out!


(Whenever possible use organic products and foods.  Everything else is tainted with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Try to make sure that there are at least two certifying bodies on the label.  The USDA is known to allow “excessive” amounts of chemicals in products which only they certify as organic.  They will call something “organic” even if it is only 70% so.  Remember, the government is in partnership with the drug companies and the big business factory farms!  Lobbyists “reward” politicians for favorable policy legislation!)

Beta Glucan


(carob bean)


Coenzyme Q10

Omega 3 fatty acids

(fish oil or flax seed oil)

Olive leaf extract

Resveratrol-powdered skin of red grapes

Grapeseed extract

If you have information like this you’d like shared, leave a comment!

Almost forgot a couple others that we take;

L-carnatine used with D-Ribose for healthy heart function and heart energy called “ATP,”

Vitamin B12-most of us are deficient in this,

Vitamin D-we are all lacking this vitamin-the recommended levels by “medical professionals” is too low to have a useful effect on the overall health of your body,

A high potency multi-vitamin-I use two, for example, “Airborne” fizzy tabs, and “Emergen-C” w/Vitamin D and Calcium effervescent powder,

I also occasionally substitute a meal with a powdered replacement FULL of vitamins, minerals and herbs, plus 36 grams of protein, vital to ESRD patients and anyone recovering from injuries/surgeries.

We also use a number of certified, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils for anointing and health.

Remember, Everything mentioned here is a FOOD, not a drug/chemical.  Our bodies should tolerate their usage well.

“I don’t like taking a lot of pills/stuff/vitamins/etc.”   And, “I can’t afford this stuff/organic stuff.”  Is that you?  Can you afford cancer or some other dis-ease?   Or death?  The insecticides, herbacides, steroids, antibiotics and other chemicals added, sprayed or injected into our food goes a long way to compromise our health.  Cut out the soda, alcohol, smoking, sweets, cakes, cookies, chips of all kinds, etc. and you will be able to afford whatever you want!  And live in good health to talk about it.

UPDATE–WE now use a product called “Cholestene,” to combat high triglycerides/cholesterol.  Sharon and I both have experienced DRAMATIC reductions in our blood test levels using this product, two tabs, twice daily.  Exercise multiplies its effectiveness/usefulness.  It is available from Amazon.



  1. Hi, it never fails to amaze me when up pops Ronnie S on my laptop. Always at the most incredible times when information, quality information, is respected. I am so happy to hear from you and glad to hear you’re marching on with God’s promise. Quality of life can be an ass kicker for those who take it for granted. Give your amazing wife a hug for me and I’ll go take my herbs. God Bless. Laura

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. Presently I’m taking some of the supplements that you’ve suggested, however, I believe I will add some of your suggestions to my list.

    • You are very welcome! Glad to hear you take supplements, they’re only food, not medicine.

      “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” Genesis 1: 29

      “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prosperity.” 3 John 2

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